Mar 21, 2010

A few favorite trails.

Here it is, this is a long one. It is a few trails i ride regularly. The editing isn't that great because i was sick of doing it. I think its still worth a watch though.

Mar 6, 2010

Went out to Blackrock with Dad today

Dad and i drove out to blackrock to do some riding while the weather is awesome. there was a ripper little kid out there... age 8 or so. The footages is pointed down at the bike a bit more to show whats going on.. but i think it was pointed down just a bit too much. i'll find that sweet spot for sure. We rode Bonzai 1 & 2 then rode Sictar Gnar and lower Bonsai to finish out the day.


Day at Blackrock with my dad from ryan daugherty on Vimeo.