Jul 25, 2010

video from the blackrock Shuttle day.

Here is my video from the BR shuttle day... keep in mind my battery died 1/2 way through the day.

Black Rock Shuttle Day 2010 - More Mountain Bike Videos

Jul 24, 2010

why you don't buy Wal*Mart bikes.

and this is why you wear a helmet and neck brace for that matter.

Fat Kid Bounces Down Steps On His Head - Watch more Funny Videos

Jul 22, 2010

Blackrock Shuttle

Shuttle day this Sunday! We'll get plenty of video and evan told me his buddy Jason will be there to take pictures!

Sictar Gnar - More Mountain Bike Videos

Jul 20, 2010

Jul 15, 2010

Deity goods came in and the Legend is finally finished.

Holy crap - Sadie sent out the new deity decoy lt's for the my legend to finish the build off... These pedals are super light, very thin and polished off. I could tell the moment i pulled the box the pedals came in out of the brown UPS box that these things were going to be rad. Here is outcome... plus i got the some of the Decoy 2's for the wildcard ... also very awesome.




very respectable



Jul 2, 2010

Trail = Rad