Dec 22, 2010

Winter is slow and boring

My schedule is now work, exercise, sleep with some video games thrown in. At least i have a few bike things on my mind.... Vital and PB have been doing a great job keeping content flowing PLUS i bought a new lid for the season. I snagged a TLD Love/Hate carbon lid for a great deal on BikeBling of course i just found an even better deal here. Oh well, missed out on a savings of $20.00. Regardless i got to use their HOLIDAY10 coupon code and it'll arrive tomorrow.

I was thinking about getting the beta blue or the SuperStar Red/Blue TLD D2 helmet but everyone has one now and every time i had either added to my cart.. i just couldn't pull the trigger.

you won't see a lot of love/hates anymore because they are being closed out and according to the TLD site the D2 Carbon = on a hiatus.. maybe permanently... i don't know. Anyway here is the lid that will be on my doorstep tomorrow. I think the name of this helmet is great because you either love it or hate it :)

Anyway other good MTB things to look forward to: 17 questions by Steve Peat will be out on Xmas Eve... be sure to check it on Vital. Life Cycles BluRay has supposedly been shipped by PB That should be in my mailbox soon and I'm going to start stockpiling parts of a new Rune Build.... stay tuned for that as i'm just about done putting together my preliminary build list. Will share when i'm done. Have a Merry Xmas and I hope everyone gets a lot of rad bike related gifts.